In 1991, a mysterious file was locked in the safe of the CIA director. This document contains solutions to a coded sculpture known as Kryptos, named after the Greek word for “occult,” which literally translates into “that which is hidden.” Protected in a courtyard at CIA headquarters, Kryptos is arguably the most famous unsolved puzzle in the world. Incompletely deciphered, the monument’s cryptic message so far refers to a treasure or artifact “buried out there somewhere” and the code letters WW Q.

Since its inception, what is referred to as “Q” has been shrouded in mystery and coveted by priests and kings. Q’s existence was hidden by established religions and secret societies. Its purpose has been guarded and worshipped by elite bloodlines for more than five thousand years. If ever revealed to the masses, the epiphany behind Q would radically alter the course of civilization.

Certain moments in history help to define human destiny. Right now, an explosive series of events that will span the globe is about to unfold. Like a loaded gun, the chain reaction has been set. And yet, few people realize, in the larger cascading of events, the next Age of Enlightenment is here.

Humankind is rising.



In the year 2059 ... 

Photo-realistic holograms seamlessly augment our reality. They are guided by an AI superintelligence designed to entrance the human mind. The AI’s creator is a mysterious and hypnotic man who is surprisingly young to have amassed such awesome power. Master of the "Illuminati," his global shadow government refers to him reverently as The Illuminist. This cabal of ruling elites are obsessed with his promise to merge with technology and become "the gods."

It has science fiction elements, sure. But I have coined a new genre to try and capture this boundary shattering novel. I call it an “Enlightenment-Thriller.”

After a shocking incident tips a cascade of events, the master must carefully initiate his Brotherhood's centuries-old secret plans ... 

 While Illuminati agents launch into action across the globe, his omnipotent AI system known as "The God Cloud" monitors this acceleration toward a transcendent event some have called “The Singularity.”

Currently, his best code breaker is in a skycar traveling to meet with the first American-born pope and retrieve an ancient map that, oddly enough, seems to have come from the future. That mysterious document is hiding in a vault beneath the Vatican Secret Archives—and the world's top cryptographer has been sent to crack its legendary code. Meanwhile, the Illuminist gazes into his omnipresent surveillance-grid to spy on, of all things, a curious pair of orphaned siblings. He believes they are connected to his fulfillment of the ultimate religious prophecy. Given that the next age of enlightenment is blasting off, it's most peculiar the fate of our world now hangs on an unlikely pair of orphans, Peter and Olivia Luvall. Only three years apart by age, Peter and Olivia seem to inhabit different worlds. Peter is among a dying breed of human known as "the last living Contemplators." He spends his time hunkered down and haunted by an insatiable AI presence ... hunted by its many humanoid robots and technocratic agents. Despite every danger of twenty-first century thought control, Peter is committed to “freeing the minds of Man.” Olivia, on the other hand, is an ordinary girl with extraordinary secrets. In all her dreams of romance and adventure, she never planned on becoming primary target of the most charming, wealthy, dangerous man in history. The heroine of our story is yet to imagine learning a lost art that combines cutting-edge science, art, ancient religion, and clever philosophy, and distills them into the power to shape

"human destiny in the palm of your hand."