Q Anon

Long before the anonymous military intelligence group known as Q Anon starting exposing Deep State corruption, a statue was constructed on the grounds of CIA HQ. The depths of the mystery of Q and its synchronistic relationship to history and prophecy are detailed in full in my work, The Illuminist and the Q Source. For all those who dare seek until they find … the hidden truth awaits.

The Order of the Quest

The great Freemason, philosopher, writer, speaker, teacher, and mystic Manly P. Hall wrote a book known simply as "The Secret Destiny of America." Within that celebrated work, Hall purveys the rarest treasure of wisdom, tying a great and noble thread through history, providing a great swath of hidden knowledge, especially regarding that which is generally shrouded by secrecy in the realms of the arcane "divine arts and sciences."  

In Hall's great work The Secret Destiny of America, he tells of a secretive organization of unknown philosophers. It is they who formed the "Order of the Quest" who are truly worthy to carry on the mantel of the Philosophic Empire that was born in the writings of Plato, and has played a pivotal role in the formative events throughout all of history, and continue to do so today. Those who understand the depth and transcendent vision to lift humankind into a state of eternal companionship and harmonious pragmatism who work together in peace and prosperity towards unrivaled creativity and awareness, with love uniting us all and wisdom pushing our civilization to greater heights of moral and intellectual, spiritual, and ultimately cosmic achievement. As the benefit of even the idea of such a utopian vision being built in good time spreads, despite what the cynics and naysayers will deem as impractical, this synergy will launch us into a state of high renaissance during the twenty first century. This great mission was bound to noble hearts alone throughout time, and it is not without tragedy that the noble aim of uniting mankind under the philosophic empire has devolved into a mesh of compartmentalized and competing factions dueling on history's old machiavellian chess board. But the vision of the brotherhood of Man is alive today because of the great fire preserved throughout history by the minds of the Order of Q, the society of unknown philosophers guiding human events. 

The Illuminati

This might surprise you coming from me, but there is no real "Illuminati." At least, not in the sense of a massive conspiracy with thousands of people in on it, as many conspiracy theorists would have you believe. The truth is far more peculiar than that. 

In reality, there is an incredibly complex web of secret societies, each with their own "hierarchy of information" designed to keep secrets bottled up in the tightest possible circles at the top. This process, known as "compartmentalization," is common practice among intelligence agencies and yes "Illuminati-like" elite organizations which really do exist, meet in secret, and plot to conquer and control the world. Everything from "Big Tech" to the "military-industrial-complex" can be counted among the ranks of such secret societies and their sphere of influence. 

When somebody who is truly learned in these matters looks at our world, they do not see the same seemingly chaotic reality staring back at them. The learned see a tightly controlled, largely planned and orchestrated series of events leading us into a future in which more money and power rises to the top and the general population grows more "dumbed-down" and oblivious to what is really going on this world.  

But we must never forget that there is hope, and that, ultimately, yes, ultimately, enlightenment will prevail. This is the truth of history, and why we cannot simply demonize the so-called "enlightened ones," the truth is there is a very large segment of Illuminati agents who do indeed serve the light, but great knowledge can also be turned and used towards more sinister ends ... 

The Last Living Contemplators

By the 2050's a cabal of mega-corporations track everyone's interests on a single digital superstructure known simply as "The Cloud." Those whose interests vary from the masses are labeled "anomalies," and are studied by the authorities. Individuals whose ideas are deemed "disruptive" to the powers at be, and who also seem capable of transmitting "thought crimes" to others, are known as "The Contemplators." 

While the masses are entertained and distracted by virtual realities so lifelike they are confused for real life, the "Contemplators" plot in secret to break through the wall of corporate funded deception and enlighten the people. Sadly, by 2059, very few Contemplators remain. They have been hunted down and covertly eliminated, one by one ... 



Hidden in an interior courtyard at CIA headquarters is a massive coded sculpture known as Kryptos. The cryptic statue's wavy bronze scrolls stand twelve feet high, overlooking a clockwise circular whirlpool and sandstone etched with a compass pointing due north. Perhaps the world's most famous unsolved puzzle, the deciphered text so far presents a riddle, referring to a treasure "buried out there somewhere," and the code letters WW and Q. 

The significance of these letters is believed by an enlightened few to signify far more than even the sculptor/code maker Jim Sanborn was aware. 

It is believed that whoever solves the meaning behind WW's Q first will decide the fate of our world itself. 


13 Gnostic scrolls were found in a clay jar at Nag Hammaddi, Egypt, in 1945.  These early Christian texts dated to the first century AD. They illustrated a more esoteric version of Jesus of Nazareth. Christ was an apocalyptic philosopher and revolutionary teacher. Christ was more than an Atonement of sin through a special mission from the Biblical God. He was a magical political figure whose message captivated. It was Christ who healed the sick and celebrated the poor, who turned the moneychangers tables over in the Temple of Herod and drove them out with a whip. It was Jesus the Nazarene who built the great temple of high ideas, morality, and radical courage through his "oneness" with God. Christ brought back the divine from the ancient world after the fall of Rome. Jesus is the great teacher of the now deep past who espoused to each and every one of his disciples that "Ye, are the gods." This level of "Christ Consciousness" is the lost, hidden, "occult" Gnostic gospel. Contrary to this vision, it was the Roman Catholic Empire that merged with Christ's legacy, and built a tyranny of royalism, feudalism, and the outward display of material wealth in his name. 

Hidden within these Gnostic Gospels are secrets that reveal a more esoteric framework behind Christ's teachings. They even posit the existence of certain higher-dimensional beings that, while not God, are godlike on the earth. These oft invisible, mysterious angels and demons were known as the Archons, or the great Archon Demiurge. 

The Thought Alchemists

The Thought Alchemists are a future ancient secret society entrusted with keeping record of the wisdom of the ages, and protecting the powerful art of Thought Alchemy, a method which combines the very essence of science and magic as one.

This rare art form, known as Thought Alchemy to the few and real magic to the many, is said to have been lost to the ages. Whether this is true or not, the legends say that whoever so beholds this knowledge will be swept away, and given influence, allowing them to access the full potential of the human mind and shape the future according to their focused intentions.