The Illuminati

This might surprise you coming from me, but there is no real "Illuminati." At least, not in the sense of a massive conspiracy with thousands of people in on it, as many conspiracy theorists would have you believe. The truth is far more peculiar than that. 

In reality, there is an incredibly complex web of secret societies, each with their own "hierarchy of information" designed to keep secrets bottled up in the tightest possible circles at the top. This process, known as "compartmentalization," is common practice among intelligence agencies and yes "Illuminati-like" elite organizations which really do exist, meet in secret, and plot to conquer and control the world. Everything from "Big Tech" to the "military-industrial-complex" can be counted among the ranks of such secret societies and their sphere of influence. 

When somebody who is truly learned in these matters looks at our world, they do not see the same seemingly chaotic reality staring back at them. The learned see a tightly controlled, largely planned and orchestrated series of events leading us into a future in which more money and power rises to the top and the general population grows more "dumbed-down" and oblivious to what is really going on this world.  

But we must never forget that there is hope, and that, ultimately, yes, ultimately, enlightenment will prevail. This is the truth of history, and why we cannot simply demonize the so-called "enlightened ones," the truth is there is a very large segment of Illuminati agents who do indeed serve the light, but great knowledge can also be turned and used towards more sinister ends ...