The Order of the Quest

The great Freemason, philosopher, writer, speaker, teacher, and mystic Manly P. Hall wrote a book known simply as "The Secret Destiny of America." Within that celebrated work, Hall purveys the rarest treasure of wisdom, tying a great and noble thread through history, providing a great swath of hidden knowledge, especially regarding that which is generally shrouded by secrecy in the realms of the arcane "divine arts and sciences."  

In Hall's great work The Secret Destiny of America, he tells of a secretive organization of unknown philosophers. It is they who formed the "Order of the Quest" who are truly worthy to carry on the mantel of the Philosophic Empire that was born in the writings of Plato, and has played a pivotal role in the formative events throughout all of history, and continue to do so today. Those who understand the depth and transcendent vision to lift humankind into a state of eternal companionship and harmonious pragmatism who work together in peace and prosperity towards unrivaled creativity and awareness, with love uniting us all and wisdom pushing our civilization to greater heights of moral and intellectual, spiritual, and ultimately cosmic achievement. As the benefit of even the idea of such a utopian vision being built in good time spreads, despite what the cynics and naysayers will deem as impractical, this synergy will launch us into a state of high renaissance during the twenty first century. This great mission was bound to noble hearts alone throughout time, and it is not without tragedy that the noble aim of uniting mankind under the philosophic empire has devolved into a mesh of compartmentalized and competing factions dueling on history's old machiavellian chess board. But the vision of the brotherhood of Man is alive today because of the great fire preserved throughout history by the minds of the Order of Q, the society of unknown philosophers guiding human events.